Metal Braided Hose

Metal braided hose is available in a variety of sizes with end connections ranging from flanged, threaded, or welded.

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  • Metal Flex Hose

    Exhaust Flex Hose

    Exhaust Flex Hose assemblies are and economical solution of non-critical exhaust applications.  Exhaust Flex Hose assemblies are manufactured using corrugated flex hose, which is mass produced in long lengths.  These lengths are cut and slotted cuffs or flanges can be welded directly to the flex hose. Standard assembly length is 18” and can be supplied in sizes from 1” to 6” diameter.  Since the flange or cuff is welded directly to the hose corrugation, this heat affected zone typically will be the area that fails first due to fatique.  Our certified welders follow the strictest procedure possible to avoid undercut and insure maximum fatique life.  For a longer cycle life, our metal bellows style is recommended.

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  • P1050431

    Metal Bellows – Custom

    Metal bellows expansion joints can be designed and manufactured by Flexible Specialty Products based on your specific requirements from 3” diameter to 120” diameter.  Metal bellows can be designed to compensate for axial compression and extension, lateral offset and angular deflections.  FS Products can provide optional control rods (tied bellows) as well as external covers, internal liners, refractory linings and customized flanges.