Additional Services

On-Site Inspection

Flexible Specialty Products offers on-site inspection and evaluation of installed expansion joints and new projects. We use our expertise to give economical and long lasting solutions for your specific needs. There are always many options that may work for an application and we take the time to propose your options in a way that allows you to make an educated decision.

Power Plant

Field Splicing

FS Products supplies detailed instructions with any shipment requiring field splicing of our fabric materials. We offer on-site heat sealing and heat seal iron rentals when site personnel will be splicing. All fabrics can also be patched on-site on case of damage to the outer fabric. Contact us today for details

Field Supervision

FS Products can provide field supervision to help with assembly, installation, and erection of our expansion joints at an additional cost. Our knowledgeable staff can save time and money in the field by assuring assemblies are installed correctly for a long service life.