Standard Bellows

Standard Metal Bellows

Flexible Specialty Products offers a full range of custom-designed and standard metal bellows for a variety of applications. Our standard bellows have all parts stocked in our warehouse with quick delivery available. Our standard metal bellows are offered in sizes from 3” diameter to 48” diameter with 321SS single- or multi-ply bellows. Various floating or fixed flange options are available. Below are links to various standard bellows available:


We also offer custom-designed metal bellows to meet your specific needs. They can be designed to exceed design temperatures of 2000F and pressures in excess of 300psi. Various combinations can be accommodated using universal, hinged, and gimbal style metal bellows.

321SS 9” Long, Single Ply (PDF)

321SS 12” Long, Single Ply (PDF)

321SS 13 13-15” Long, Single Ply (PDF)

321SS 6” Long, Multi-Ply (PDF)

321SS 9” Long, Multi-Ply (PDF)

321SS 12” Long, Multi-Ply (PDF)