In-Bound-Style Ductwork Frames

  • Wafer Design for Slip-In Installation
  • Economical Frame Design
  • Accommodates Pillows and Flow Liner

The In-Bound-style ductwork frame uses a “wafer type” design to slip directly into the duct opening without moving or disassembling the ductwork. The overall length can be kept relatively small and the advantages of a set-back design allows for flow liners and an insulation pillow to be added. The external composite belt cover is attached with welded studs or bolts and the frame work is attached to the adjoining ductwork using internal welded nuts.

  • Accumulation-Pillow Flexible Speciality Products

    Accumulation Pillow

    Accumlation pillows or insulation bolsters are manufactured out of fiberglass or ceramic high density blanket. They can be wrapped in stainless steel mesh or a variety high temperature fabrics. Multiple layers provide the thickness required to fill the expansion joint cavity of a Flat Belt Frame Style expansion joint. The primary purpose is to fill the expansion joint cavity, which reduces particulate build-up. This build-up of ash or particulate can reduce the flexibility of the expansion joint. The pillow can also be used to provide additional insulation or for sound abatement as well as to reduce flutter in high velocity applications.

  • Flow Liner

    Flow Liner

    All expansion joints can be supplied with various configurations of flow liners.  Flow Liners can be supplied as bolt-in unit design, single, tapered, overlapping, and floating.  The primary purpose of flow liners is protection of the internal insulating materials from abrasives in the gas flow.  They are also used to secure the internal accumulation pillow in place as well as to provide a laminar flow in the area of the expansion joint. Flow liners need to be designed to allow full system design movements while providing the necessary protection and support.  Many materials of construction are available including carbon steel, stainless steel, Corten, AR Plate, and special alloys.  Check with FS Products to see how flow liners can increase the life of your expansion joints.

  • Gasket Flexible Speciality Products


    Gasket are recommended for any metal to metal installation. We stock several widths of fiberglass gasket tape as well as PTFE coated fiberglass products. Our extruded PTFE gasket tape is ideal for fabric to metal installations or when a highly compressible, chemical resistant seal is needed. Let us provide all of the gaskets required for your expansion joint installation to avoid costly delays and misplaced parts needed during installation.

  • Fasteners


    Flexible Specialty Products can provide any necessary mounting fastener for your expansion joint application. We will properly size the fasteners and provide standard grade or any specialty fastener required. The fasteners will be packaged with the expansion joint shipment to assure the fasteners will be on-site when needed to avoid costly delays or misplaced parts.